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In the hallway, Fin caught up with Elliot. “Where’s Olivia?”
“She’s under the weather” he lied, “She said for us to go ahead” he already had his phone out and was searching for directions to the Royal Diner

Royal Diner

Bones, Booth, Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and Wells were already there when Fin and Elliot entered the restaurant.
“Why are we here instead of working at the lab?” Bones turned to Booth
“Cause of death isn’t just found in the body. Sometimes we have to hash things out” he leaned his elbows on the table, “You know that”
“True” she nodded, “I’m just glad that Dad could watch Christine and Michael tonight” she referred to her daughter and Jack and Angela’s son
“Yeah” Booth agreed belatedly
“So what’s the plan?” Elliot took the conversation lead
“We’re still stuck on cause of death” Booth replied
“I downloaded the scenarios onto this” Angela pulled a tablet from her handbag, “but we’re no closer to figuring who might’ve pushed her, or why she was dragged across the plaza”
“I think we have to consider that—“ Sweets began. Casey Novak opened the diner’s door. Everyone at the table looked up at her
“Sorry” she sat down hurriedly, “I had to take care of something” she shot Elliot a look
“I was just saying” Sweets went on, “that we have to consider that she might not have been killed for anything other than randomness”
“So you’re saying we have a serial killer out there and he just happened to drop his latest work where this lady could trip over it and sue us?” Booth looked at him as if Sweets was crazy
“I’m saying that perhaps it was an accidental death” he countered, “It may have been something as simple as her being unsteady on her feet and the slightest nudge would’ve set her tumbling down the stairs”
“But Humpty Dumpty was pushed” Fin interjected, “Everything else is just supposition”
“Unfortunately” Casey spoke, “all that supposition doesn’t make for a strong case against her”
“I hate to change the subject” Angela broke in, “If this is going nowhere, we can either eat something or just go home and tackle it tomorrow”
“I agree” Casey nodded, “we may get farther along if we rest and look at this with fresh eyes in the morning”
“You guys go ahead” Sweets picked up a menu, “I’m going to eat something”
“Still on your own?” Booth nudged him
“I’d rather not talk about it, but yes” he frowned
“Suit yourself” Booth stood up. Bones did likewise. The two headed for the exit with Angela and Hodgins trailing behind them as they spoke about their children
“Elliot” Casey turned to him and shot him daggers from her eyes
“What?” he looked quizzically at her
“We need to talk”
“What happened?” he seriously didn’t know
“Not here” she glanced over at Sweets and Fin
“Hey, don’t mind me” Fin held up his hands in mock surrender, “I just want to get something to eat” he eyed the menu that lay on the table
“Fine” Casey replied and she and Elliot stood and made their way over to the countertop and perched on a pair of stools
“So what is it?” Elliot asked
“You really don’t know?”
“I’m sure you’re going to tell me” he became surly
“Olivia called me just as I was leaving” Casey explained, “She was drunk, crying and couldn’t stop going on about how she’d made a mistake. You barged into her room while she was on the phone”
“I didn’t barge in” he became defensive, “I still had her room key after I brought her upstairs after she’d had a few too many drinks, tucked her in, and had left. I came back to check on her after Kathleen practically sent me there”
“And Liv was on the phone with Cassidy, going on about how she loved him, and I just didn’t feel like sticking around to hear all of it”
“You sound awfully jealous” she stared at the grill behind the countertop
“Who wouldn’t be? You spend twelve years with someone and then as quick as lightning, you don’t matter anymore”
Casey turned and stared at him, “Would you have left Kathy for her?”
“Would I – what?” he looked stunned
“Twelve years, your words, not mine” she went on, “I know how close you two are”
“Hide your feelings all you want, but you still managed to hurt her tonight”
“How?” She wants Cassidy, she can have him. I’m not holding her back”
“She wants someone she can grow old with. Elliot, she wants a family”
“I’m a little late for that” he was gruff
“From what I heard, Brian wasn’t ready for one” Casey nudged him
“What makes you think I need a family when I’ve already got one”
“Elliot. She needs someone. At least be a friend to her”
“I’ve been more than that for twelve years. Why do you think I’m so ---“ he dropped the conversation
“Forget about it” she sighed, “Where did the Washington people head off to?”
“I don’t know” he shrugged, “their kids, their families”


“I don’t see why we had to rush back here” Hodgins grumbled
“While we were talking to the detectives from New York, I realized that I had missed something” Bones admitted, “Look here, Mr. Hodgins, what do you see?” she pointed at Angela’s viewing screen
“I don’t know” he shrugged, “her medical history?”
“Precisely” she agreed, “yet her history says nothing of the damage we found on her phalanges, nor to the frontal”
“So she fell while trying to brace herself against the fall, but struck her head” he realized
“And as your photos with Mr. Wells showed, there were no bannister on the stone steps with which she could stop her descent”
“Hang on” Hodgins put his hand up, “Pull up her records again” Bones reluctantly did as he’d requested, “There” he pointed to the screen, “She worked at the same department branch that Maria Grazie did”
“Who would want to kill her and then leave her body where Ms. Grazie could find it?” Bones thought aloud
“Someone who wanted to make sure their work was seen. Maybe it’s a warning?” Hodgins suggested
“Doubtful” Bones waved off the idea
“Hang on” Hodgins dialed a number on his cellular phone, “Hi Angie” he paused, “No no, you go put him down again. Maybe he’ll sleep this time—before you go, how do I pull up the files on our victim?” another pause lapsed, “Ok, great. Love you too” he hung up the phone
“Did you find the information?” Bones drove straight to the point
“Yes” Hodgins keyed in a few instructions into the computer and the screen came alive with a tree of the victim’s contacts, “these are the people she knew at work” he inputted some more keystrokes, “and these are the people that also knew Maria Grazie”
“Merge the two lists” Bones instructed him
“Maybe I should call Angie back” he looked worried
“It’s not that hard” she took the controls from him, “You just—“ she paused
“Ok, I’m calling her” he smiled

District Hotel

Elliot entered his hotel room. Eli was fast asleep, as was Elizabeth, but Dickie and Kathleen were awake
“It’s late” he glanced at his watch
“It’s ok, we’re on vacation” Dickie looked up from his tablet
“Oh, we’re talking now” Elliot smiled
“You – you were right” he halted, “I had a chance with her, and I blew it”
Elliot opened his mouth to say something, but Dickie barreled on,
“And I know, it was stupid because there a billion other girls out there but she’s the only one I can think about”
Elliot sighed, and saw the result of his earlier anger at his adult son
“I know, I need to move on”
“Dickie” Elliot sighed, “Richard” he corrected himself and sat on the edge of the bed, “When I met your mother, I couldn’t get her out of my mind” he began
“But you like Olivia” he was firm
“I—“ Elliot couldn’t say anything else
“Dad” Kathleen interjected, “It’s not like Olivia broke you and Mum up. You can be happily married and still like other people”
“You can—what?”
“It’s complicated” Kathleen explained
“Apparently so” Elliot shrugged
“Dad, I was wrong to give you and Olivia such a hard time. It’s not easy when there are feelings running around like crazy”
“So now I’m getting lectures from my kids?” he smiled
“No” Kathleen shook her head, “We want you to be happy. Sure, it would be great if you and Mum got back together, but not if it’s going to ruin whatever you had before, or sour what you might have in the future”
“Where did all this come from?” Elliot seemed confused
“I guess being away from home, and our regular lives gave us a chance to think about things” Kathleen surmised
“And – “ Dickie tapped his tablet, “I had an argument with that girl I was telling you about”
“Oh” Elliot softened
“We’re not talking right now” he sighed
“It is hard when there’s feelings involved”
“What happened tonight” Kathleen broke in
“What do you mean?” Elliot turned to her
“With Olivia” she emphasized
Elliot sighed, “Nothing”
Kathleen looked crestfallen. Even Dickie looked hurt
“She had a little too much to drink. I took her upstairs to make sure she was safe. I forgot to give back her room key and when I did, she was trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend”
“Oh” Kathleen’s voice was small
“I knew the guy, a long time ago”
After a pause, Kathleen spoke, “What are you going to do?”
“Enjoy spending time with my children” he smiled, “Get this case solved, and go home”


Fin swiped his visitor badge and entered the lab. Hodgins looked up from his work
“What happened?”
“I just had to get away for a bit, so I thought I’d see if I could help out”
“Just trying to find some irrefutable evidence” he shrugged
Fin glanced at Hodgins’ slides and equipment strewn on the table, “Anything I can do to help?”
“Not right now” Hodgins didn’t look up from his microscope
“Nice” Fin glanced at some of Hodgins’ paperwork on the table, “Didn’t plug you for a conspiracy theorist”
“It keeps me sane” Hodgins smiled, still with his eye glued to the scope’s eyepiece
“You don’t really think this is one of those, right?” Fin wondered aloud
“Like the fluoride in our drinking water?” Hodgins looked up, a big grin on his face
“Just throwing it out there” Fin explained, “my old partner was like that”
“He put-” Hodgins began
“No” Fin shook his head, “he had all these crazy ideas, like ranting about the CIA, The Illuminati, being watched”
“We are being watched” Hodgins didn’t miss a beat
“Sounds like you two would have a great conversation” Fin joked
“Why not?”
“Why not put him on a call” Hodgins pointed towards the computer monitor, “If he’s as good as you say he is, he can shed some more light on this case”
“Wait, you don’t really think that there’s a conspiracy around that body showing up out of nowhere?”
“We’ve been spinning our wheels for days” Hodgins explained, “Maybe there really is more than a simple body dump”

District Hotel

“I know Brian” Olivia sighed
There was a knock on the door, “Elliot” she looked up from the phone
There was silence, and then a cough
“Brian, I’ll have to let you go” she mumbled, not realizing the double meaning, and stood to answer the door
“Fin?” she warily placed her hand on the doorknob
She didn’t have a chance to ask another name. The door was nearly blown off its hinges as it was kicked in. Olivia flew back from the impact. Before she could scream, a gloved hand clamped over her mouth. Struggling for air, she bit down on her assailant’s appendage, but it was to no avail. Soon, the heady vapor from the chloroform rendered her unconscious. Her last thought wasn’t about Brian, but rather was about Elliot.

Down the hall, Elliot bolted up from the bed as soon as he heard the door being broken down. He raced down the passageway, but he wasn’t quick enough. Somehow, whoever had come in had left just as quickly, but they weren’t alone. Elliot stared at the empty hotel room and felt a ache in the pit of his stomach. He dialed Fin’s cell phone number.


“I’ve got to go” Fin explained, “Something happened with Olivia”
“Anything I can do from here?” Hodgins wanted to assist
“Just keep working with the bugs” Fin smiled, “and talk to Munch, my old partner. Maybe the two of you can figure something out” he tapped the computer monitor
“Right” Hodgins agreed

Undisclosed location

Olivia lay on the medical table. She’d seen it often enough, as rape victims were prepped and prodded as their rape kits were built, piece by piece, as medical technicians looked for any bit of evidence. However, now she found herself strapped to the table, her feet in metal clamps, her legs splayed apart, her hands pinned to the table with metal rings. She was rendered immobile. She tried to scream, but couldn’t get any air past the ball gag that had been ruthlessly shoved into her mouth and strapped to her head. She looked down, her blouse lay in shreds and her jeans had been torn at the crotch seam, so that while her legs were covered, her pelvis lay open to the cold, dry air of the room.
She strained her eyes to see farther ahead, but could only make out the door. The rest of the room was outfitted like a hospital, with metal shelves lining the walls, replete with bedsheets, medical supplies and other paraphernalia. She struggled against her restraints but automatically froze when she saw the doorknob turn.


United States


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